Keep on dancing…

One thing I have always done is dance. I have learnt that it is my meditation. I could never sit still enough to reach nirvana, but I sure reached some great moments after dancing for an hour or more. On Saturday night just gone, I went out with an old good friend for some dancing. It has been well over a year since I have been out and although I have been dancing a lot at home, as I have always done, nothing is as good as the pumping sound of drum n bass in a super club.

We went to see DJ Fresh and he brought it. Nice mix of drum n bass into dubstep and with his own unique style of female vocal power, it was 2 hours of non stop dancefloor action. Having been so long between clubs, it got me thinking how important dance is for me. Dance music has never been about the latest shoes or tightest brightest dress for me. Whenever I am overcome with emotion, be it happy or sad, I dance. I am not too shy to say I have a few moves, well after all these years you would hope I do! But for me it’s much more than that. When I dance, I dance alone, I dance to let go, I dance into a trance. I have never trained, I have just always danced. One of my earliest memories was when I would’ve been only 2 or 3 years old and my dad would throw me way up in the air and sliding along the floor dancing rock n roll with me. I have always moved to music, as long as I can remember.

I discovered through the movie RIZE there is a dance form called krumping. I watched how these people danced and saw me in them. I realised I was ‘krumping’ and as it says in the movie, I was releasing all the crap that people threw at me. All my anger and frustration at life was released when I danced. I always thought I was combining martial arts with dance, but no, it was krumping all along. While this dance style was being formed in the US, I was there in my room letting it roll out myself, laughing how people would really call me crazy if I danced like this in a club. A bit too aggressive for some as it looks a bit scary, but I love it. Perhaps I have lived a more, shall we say, eventful, life.

This is the powerful universal force of dance. Universal connection and Freedom. You can tap into your purest emotion and your own unique movement, let go of your inhibitions and trust me, after a while you hit the point of clarity often associated with meditation. Plus it’s great fun and good for your body.

So go on, find your music and dance like nobody is watching.

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